Printed carrier bags

We are a division of Polybags Ltd. and we offer colour printing of poly carrier bags. This can be useful to promote and advertise your company image or product. Printing really gives a professional look to your packaging. Complete the printed carrier bags form and get a free quotation for your design! Otherwise you may check on Polybags stocked carrier bags for a big range of choices.

Here you will find out about some of the carriers that Polybags produce.

Coloured bags

Manufactured in a range of coloured plastic with patch handles these promotional carrier bags are probably the most popular conference and tradeshow promotional carrier bags around. With a large print area your logo is sure to get noticed.

Punched Handle Carrier Bags

Punched Handle Carrier Bags are made from a variguage polythene, variguage means that the top of the bag is thicker than the bottom as the strength needs to be in the handle. The handle of the bag is punched out of the polythene making these a stylish and comfortable bag to carry, they are the common choice for exhibitions and retail stores. The punched handle carrier bag come in various colours and can be printed with your logo or up to full colour.

Flexi-Loop Carrier Bags

Flexi Loop Carrier Bags are commonly used by high end retailers; electrical, fashion, publications, art galleries and airlines. Similar to a punched out handle, however with a flexi loop handle welded to the wall, consequently allowing full use of volume, also available in double fold open version for a rigid characteristic with additional strength.

Vest Carrier Bags

Vest Carrier Bags are normally made from crisp high density polythene. Their shape when laid flat on the table gives them the description of a 'vest' carrier. Suitable for retail and market stall use. They are not suitable for direct food use as they will give a slight 'recycled' aroma to them. Small vest carrier can be used for carrying bottles or cans. Ideal in wine merchants or off license use. Varying in size to accommodate anything from wrap rolls to duvets and pillows. Printed vest carrier for use in butchers, fish and chip shops, pet shops, etc.

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